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Are you considering professional help?

Are you considering professional help?

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The world of the mind can be very confusing, undoubtedly because we humans are very complicated and we live in a complex world. Thus it is not surprising that a multitude of factors contributes to our suffering. Problematic behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and issues usually have a history and a pattern in our lives. Figuring out that history and those patterns can lead to clarity and understanding, which in turn promotes change and healing.

Making needed changes is hard to do. And sometimes it isn’t about willpower or choices. Perhaps the problem is brain-based, meaning it comes from the brain itself, whether it is genetics, past experiences, or injury. Sometimes it is the unconscious acting secretly to prevent you from doing what you actively choose. So if you can’t figure it out on your own, if it’s taking too long, or if nothing has helped from a long list of attempts, then consider getting professional help.

The journey towards better mental health usually involves finding a well-trained and knowledgeable professional who is a good listener and who will collaborate with you; sometimes a team of professionals is needed. Because the problems of the brain and the mind often involve blind spots, it is important to consider how a professional can help you see what is hard for you to see on your own.

You might want to meet with several people and then choose the one that best fits your needs, or you may find the right fit with the first person you meet. Sometimes trusted people in your life can make helpful recommendations, or your primary care doctor may have some names for you.

Perhaps I can help

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I have more than two decades of experience practicing the art of psychiatry, with an interest in psychotherapy, and a special interest in medication management. My experience includes adult, adolescent, and child patients. Psychiatric medication is a complicated arena needing special attention that is individualized and tailored to each specific individual. Psychotherapy is a talking treatment that is often an important part of moving forward toward a healthier life.

I want to understand you as a whole person, including both your physical and mental health, all in the context of family, faith, school, work, friends, and environment. This includes your medical problems and any treatments you are on, brain problems, genetics, normal and abnormal development, problems of the mind and the personality, specific mental illnesses, traumas, addictions, self issues, relationship struggles, and family/childhood issues.

Once I have completed my evaluation I will have a snapshot of your current situation and we can proceed with a plan to help you navigate your mental health journey.

As you progress on this mental health journey, remember that there will be many types of moments in this process. In addition to the moments of relief and improvements, you can also expect some moments of difficulty, moments of seeming impasse, and moments of not feeling understood. It is important to bring up these difficult parts of your experience so that you and your professional can address them. Medications have their own issues, and finding the right medication(s) may involve more than one trial. All of these aspects of your experience, both the good and the bad, are important to discuss with your professional(s). Together we should be able to work towards improvements, changes, and overall progress in your life.