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Licensed clinical social workers, or LCSWs, are just one kind of specialized social worker in a big field. The LCSW is a state-issued license that allows these workers to deliver clinical psychotherapy and other mental health diagnosis and treatments as a part of their job. (source: HumanServicesEdu.org, 02/28/22)

Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW) have a Master of Social Work degree and training in communication, organizing, psychology, sociology, and clinical diagnosis and treatment techniques. They have passed advanced licensing tests to qualify for a state-level license to offer psychotherapy and other counseling services as a part of their social work practice in every kind of hands-on human services work. (source: HumanServicesEdu.org, 02/28/22)

I know many fine therapists in this group of mental health clinicians with excellent expertise in EMDR, psychoanalysis, play therapy, family therapy, and many other areas.