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I usually do consultations for family members, spouses, or parents when they would like to understand more about a particular diagnosis or symptom. This can help family members and significant others know how to best help their loved one, whether they need guidance in their own behavior with their loved one, or whether they need information in order to help their loved one choose wisely about medications, providers, or treatment. In addition, understanding a diagnosis or symptom better can help a level-headed person advocate for their loved one more effectively with the insurance company as well as within the medical system.

Consultations and Second Opinions are very similar, just delivered to different parties. Depending on the scope of the questions being asked, I will gather information and then endeavor to give clarification, insight, and, possibly, recommendations. A consultation (and second opinion) implies that I will not be providing treatment, only evaluation, information, and recommendations.

Monique Masse, M.D.

Board Certified Psychiatrist

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Notice to Patients: Open Payments Database

For informational purposes only, a link to the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Open Payments web page is provided here. The federal Physician Payments Sunshine Act requires that detailed information about payment and other payments of value worth over ten dollars ($10) from manufacturers of drugs, medical devices, and biologics to physicians and teaching hospital be made available to the public.

You may search this federal database for payments made to physicians and teaching hospitals by visiting this website:

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