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Grief Work

Grief Work

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Grieving is a very important, misunderstood, and often painful process that every human being must go through when they lose someone or something precious to them. Most people consider the death of a loved one to be the only time for grieving. However, there are many other times when we need to grieve, like losing an important relationship, pet, job, dream, body part, or capacity. Sadly, our culture doesn’t include very many rituals for grieving, nor does our society generally know how to handle either grief or people who are grieving.

Because most of us are uncomfortable with grief, we tend to shove away any painful feelings associated with loss, whether it is our own grief or someone else’s grief. We then try to “get on” with our lives as though nothing has changed. This isn’t good. Unprocessed grief has a way of bubbling up negatively, sometimes in seemingly unrelated areas of our lives, such as relationships, work, and sleep.

We all need to grieve our losses in a healthy way, but most of us have no idea how to do it. That’s where Grief Work comes in. This is the work we do to process grief. It can be done through self-help, with trusted friends or family, but sometimes we need the help of a professional. Grief Work is something I can help you with.